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TruckSuite FAQ’s

How do I find out more about the TruckSuite Program?

You can either call our corporate offices and ask for a Relationship Manager or submit an inquiry through our website. We will respond to your request within 24 hours.

What if I have my own authority? Can I become a member, or do I need to be leased on to a carrier?

We work primarily with carriers, but we can enroll Owner Operators with their own authority into the Program.

How can I get my carrier into the TruckSuite Program?

Call Brien Parkin at (226) 668-9510 to discuss the process to enroll a carrier.

Do I need to subscribe to all the TruckSuite services, or can I customize my own program?

You do not need to subscribe to all the services. Custom programs are available.

Can I just buy a warranty from TruckSuite?

Yes! Just inquire with one of our Relationship Managers who will collect your truck info and guide you through the process.

Can I finance a repair if I am not in the TruckSuite Program?

Yes! You can apply online through our webpage. A Relationship Manager will contact you to guide you through the approval and funding process. All documentation is handled online. The dealer or repair facility will be funded directly.

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