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Vehicle Return Plan (VRP)

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The life blood of North American industry is commercial transportation. The trucks and the truck drivers are the most essential segments of our economy. Keeping them on the road…Keeps everything in balance. Truck Suite has been focusing its time and capital on developing new ways to assist with equipment and personnel uptime.


Losing a job, suffering an illness and other unexpected circumstances can be more than a bump in the road; they can be life changing. We understand that life events happen unexpectedly and that is when you need protection the most.

Our smart, worry-free protection covers depreciation resulting in negative equity on both installment loans and leases with coverage options available for your entire loan or lease term.

Program details

  • Coverage up to $125,000 amount financed
  • Lease terms up to 36 months
  • Backed by an A rated insurance company
  • Industry leading service & claims processes
  • $10,000 vehicle return benefit
  • 3-month payment relief benefit

Coverage in case of

  • Vehicle return life events
    • Physical disability
    • Loss of commercial driver’s license
    • Critical illness
    • Self-employed personal bankruptcy
    • Accidental death
  • Involuntary unemployment of spouse life event can be added to both vehicle return and payment benefits with payment of optional surcharge.

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